Both a very little sailing boat and...a tender!


Rowing and easy sailing boat/ unsinkable/ stability / no centerboard / trailerable / cartopable / single rudder/ self-standing carbon fibre mast or aluminium, in 2 parts/ furling single sail / very easy epoxy plywood construction for stitch and glue construction/ for all the family.

Main specifications:

Building material: 4 or 5mm thick. marine plywood,

glass fibre and epoxy resin.

Hull length: 1,98 m

Length at DWL: 1,98 m

Length over all, LOA : 1,98 m

Beam : 1,25 m (without rubber band)

Fwd freeboard: 350 cm

Aft freeboard: 286 cm

Draft min./max.: 24 cm without rudder / 41 cm with rudder

Displacement: 33 kg without rig and sail and without outboard engine.

Displacement (full loading) 213 kg with 2 persons and 30 kg of bags

Payload (max.): 180kg.

Unsinkable with flotation foam.

Transportable / cartopable

No centerboard, just skegs.

Engine: outboard 2,5 HP (possible)

Mainsail Area: 2 m2 - Furling main / Self standing mast.

Possibility to add a boom.

Turtle 198 sailing around Inseparable 398